Persian Language Center at Belgrade University

Persian Language Center at Belgrade University
ID : N-366 Date : 2017/09/26 - 10:13

(Persia digest)-  A Persian Language Center for teaching and research at Belgrade University in Serbia will be launched with the support of Tehran University and the Saadi Foundation of Iran in response to increasing numbers of Persian language and literature learners.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages Dean at Belgrade University expressed his happiness about the interest taken by the students in the Persian language and emphasized on promoting the level of teaching in this subject to an independent seat of learning. He believes that implementing the Persian language development programs require a special location in which educational activities, and in particular relevant research programs, can take place.

He added that, taking into account the special requirements of the Persian Language at this University, the Board has announced that a place will be allocated to this end under Asian Studies. Mr Markovich said over 200 students attended a visit by HE the Ambassador of Iran to the University and the Persian language course test session. This was an overwhelming, impressive attendance for an elective course in a foreign language.

An especially allocated space for teaching and research in the Persian language is a first at the Belgrade University and can be a turning point in establishing a permanent place for Iranian studies here.

In recent years, the sonnets of Hafez were translated into Serbian and published with the miniature illustrations of Master Farshchian due to increased interest by the people of Serbia in rhythmic Persian poetry.

The Saadi Foundation established in 2012 is the trustee of teaching Persian in the world. Presently, it has three research centers in India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.


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