Physician: Bring the dead back to life!

Physician: Bring the dead back to life!
ID : N-707 Date : 2017/11/27 - 12:55

(Persia Digest) – Recent reports in the media talk of new research findings on death, which show that when the heart stops beating, the brain continues to work; thus, when a person is pronounced dead following a cardiac arrest, they are still able to hear the voices around them and witness their own death so to speak. The research is spearheaded by Iranian-British physician, Dr Sam Parnia.

He is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Southampton University where he directs the AWARE Project for near death experiences (NDE). He has presently reached the second stage of the project for find a more definitive answer. The results of the research indicate that mankind’s awareness is separate from his brain.

In an interview with “Hamshahri” newspaper, Dr Parnia has said: “The so-called out-of-body experiences indicate that our awareness is not limited to our physical death. In the medical profession, death is synonymous to a cardiac arrest. When the heart stops, the part of brain which helps us to breath also stops. But science has concluded that body cells take several more hours to die. This is why we can resurrect someone even hours after death so long as the cells of the brain have not been irreversibly damaged.”

He stated: “Of course, this is not yet possible due to a lack of the required technology, or because hospitals have not yet found an optimal solution to cope with this phenomenon. But the main focus of our research is that the cells do not stop functioning immediately after death. If we are able to resuscitate the heart before irreversible damage is done to the cells and reduce their damage in the brain when a person enters the first phase of death, we can bring the person back to life without brain damage.”

On reversing death in the first few hours of brain death, Parnia says: “In our research, we noticed that a number of patients who had suffered a cardiac arrest had an out-of-body experience during the time the doctors were resuscitating them, and they were able to see and hear what was happening around them. They were able to see the doctors at work or hear the conversations between them and the nurses from a corner of the room. Their memories of visual awareness are compatible with actual events.”

He continued: “We approve the fact that what people recall really happened 3 to 5 minutes after their death. This is contrary to everything science has discovered so far. When we began our research, we were not expecting to see any awareness following death; because, based on scientific models, you can only have awareness if your brain is functional.”

He went on to add: “Science also states that these experiences do not occur at the time of death, but before or afterwards. But our research shows that, to the contrary, these experiences and recollections take place during the “actual death experience” at the exact time when the brain has ceased to function.”


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