Pir Guel mud volcano in Chabahar (photos)

Pir Guel mud volcano in Chabahar  (photos)

(Persia Digest) - Pir Guel mud volcano is a natural phenomenon, and like a volcano it is a conical hill, but instead of lava, gas and mud flow out of its mouth.

Pir Guel mud volcano, 76 km from Khash, is 1,663 m high, and located between the Taftan Mountains. It is a unique phenomenon in which mud is thrown out of ground with the tide of the sea. Three hectares covered in layers of clay and marl mud, with no plants and greenery around, unique and isolated near the coast of international waters, has created a spectacular view. Pir Guel is the name of Khash’s famous mud volcano.

Mud volcanos are natural phenomena and like a volcano, are conical hills, and instead of lava, gas and mud come out of the openings. This phenomenon is mainly found in plains and flats overlooking the sea, and most of them are located at a short distance from the sea (maximum 15 to 20 kilometers). These phenomena are in the form of conical mirror or non-mirror hills, which have a maximum diameter of 30 to 50 meters. These cones are sometimes isolated and in some areas there are one or more smaller cones near them. At the summit of these cones and inside their crater, there are several openings with a diameter of a few centimeters from which gray or slightly greenish mud alternatively erupts and flows towards the slopes. The eruption frequency and the eruption of muds over time have created a multi-layered structure in the cones and adjacent fields. These layers are made of scaled structures and overlap, so that the newest layer is on the surface, at the top of the cone, and the oldest layer is light-colored.

Local residents have come up with several beliefs about this phenomenon, and based on their beliefs, they have named the mud volcanoes. In their opinion, mud volcanoes are natural phenomena associated with the sea, and when sea water rises (high water), especially during the summer, its activity is maximized, hence they call it the earth navel or sea navel.


Photos: Mohammad Amin Mirbalouchzehi / IRNA


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