Privileged Iranians have 51% more fun than lower deciles

Privileged Iranians have 51% more fun than lower deciles
ID : N-1525 Date : 2018/03/26 - 13:38

(Persia Digest) – As report by the official news agency IRNA, on average Iranians only spend two percent of their total income on recreational activities.

Recreation and leisure

Iranian families in urban areas spend 764 thousand tomans [Iranian currency] on average per year on leisurely pastimes.

The lower deciles spend only 57 thousand tomans per year per family on recreation, while they spend 81 thousand tomans on tobacco.

The middle classes, in the 5th decile, spend seven times more that the first deciles, namely 436 thousand tomans/year on leisure, which pays for nights out in restaurants and hotel stay. Be that as it may, Iran’s richest spend an estimated seven times more than the middle class.

This rich-poor divide indicates that the strata at the top spend 51 times more than the bottom deciles on recreation, adding up to two million and 907 thousand tomans per year.

The people of northern Khorasan Province, northeastern Iran, have the most fun by spending 3.4 percent of their income on leisure and the people of Luristan Province, western Iran, have the least fun in the country by spending only 1 percent of their income on rest and recreation.

Hotels and restaurants

The main activities are eating out at posh restaurants and fast foods. Half of Iranians eat out at fast food restaurants at least once a month and the biggest group of customers are young, single people.

The residents of the capital, Tehran, spend money mainly on rent and bills, making up 47 percent of their income.


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