Prominent French drummer in Fajr Music Ferstival

Prominent French drummer in Fajr Music Ferstival
ID : N-952 Date : 2018/01/01 - 20:23

(Persia Digest) - This year while 18 music groups from different countries of the world have participated in the Fajr International Music Festival, Manu Katche, the prominent French drummer will go on stage on 18 January 2018 at the Fajr Music festival.

Manu Katche is a musician who is active in both live performances and also in those recorded in the studio. He pursues a unique style in musicianship - a distinctive blend of elegance and power that musicians and producers are always pursuing.

Katche, a select musician of Peter Gabriel, has been very effective in the artist’s very successful work, “The Sledgehammer”, and has been at the center of his group in his recent live performances in the world tour “Back to Front”. Katche’s long standing cooperation with Sting is another manifest aspect of his professional activity; his distinctive style contributed significantly to the success of the best work of Sting “The Englishman” in New York.

Katche’s activity as a composer and band leader is an important part of his professional activities. So far, he has published six albums under his own name that have met with widespread worldwide reception. The primary characteristic of his music is his perception in creating precise leitmotivs, melodious and absorbing, and its unique flow and profound feel. Proof of his genius is this, that both aspects of his music’s identity - as an incomparable musician and enchanter of sound, and composer and band leader - complement each other.

In 2017 and 2018, he experiments with a new blend of trio playing music and in this journey, the French bass player, Jerome Rigard, and the guitarist Patrick Monoguaine accompany him.


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