Qatar sends special envoy to Iran

Qatar sends special envoy to Iran
ID : N-1955 Date : 2018/06/13 - 22:45

(Persia Digest) – The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, has issued two orders to appoint two special envoys, Mohammad Sa’d Al Fahid Al Hajari and Ali Al Saliti, to Iran and Peru respectively.

Special envoy is the highest diplomatic rank.

Tensions between Qatar and the Persian Gulf states had heightened following statements attributed to Qatari officials in support of Iran, entailing a deterioration in relations.

Four Arab States – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain severed ties with Doha, following which the Emir of Qatar strengthened ties with Tehran as his country’s only communication path with the outside world is through Iran.

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