Revival of 385 obsolete work songs in Iran

Revival of 385 obsolete work songs in Iran
ID : N-990 Date : 2018/01/07 - 10:26

(Persia Digest) Work songs go back a long time in Iran. A work songs festival was held here end of December, opening up a window to these old Persian songs. Presently, Massoud Nekuei is collecting and recording 385 work songs of Iran which have disappeared with the advent of technology.

Work songs are an important part of Persian music which have been disappearing due to the emergence of new technologies and the disappearances of these old vocations. A project initiated by Massoud Nekuei is now endeavoring to bring these back to life.

In an interview with ILNA News Agency, Massoud Nekuei said: “In my project, I am working on 385 work songs which have unfortunately disappeared. To date, I have been able to revive 24 of these sung while weaving kilims, doing lead work, washing laundry, felting, making hats, and many other professions. These will be sung acapella. As of today, 100 work songs out of the obsolete 385 have been researched and 24 are ready for performance.”

Massoud Nekuei also pointed out one of these vocations, and said: “The last pit remaining from making bricks by hand is next to the bazaar in Kerman dating back to over 2000 years ago. Throughout the centuries, this profession had created a large pit in this place, which has been signed over to a person from the UAE to build a tower there. Four groups worked in this profession, each with their own special songs. We will perform this as an operetta. We are working to recreate these work songs. Each one will be accompanied by its own music, counterpoint, and harmony, to familiarize the audience with them.


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