Rising Iranian-Greek football federations conflict

Rising Iranian-Greek football federations conflict
ID : N-1882 Date : 2018/06/02 - 10:43

(Persia Digest) – Following the cancellation of the friendly games between Iran and Greece and the statement issued by the Iranian Football Federation suspending their relations, the Greek Federation has now issued its own statement.

The official statement of the Greek Football Federation read: “Apart from the legal negotiations between the two parties to organize a friendly game between Greece and Iran on 2 June 2018 in Istanbul, an MoU was never signed by the Greek party. Sensitive national issues and religious affiliations have a high priority over every sporting event. Talks about a probable cancelation of the friendly games began last month. The Iranian Football Federation was aware of the Greek Football Federation’s stance in due course. The Greek Football Federation also accepted at the time that Iran should select an alternative for its friendly games to defend its own interests. Therefore, any damages incurred due to the cancelation have been suffered by the Greek Football Federation in the first instance, because the expected financial income was not realized. More importantly, the preparation of the Greek national team for the UEFA Nations League have also suffered. We will certainly report these events to FIFA.”

This was followed by another statement from the Iranian Football Federation: “We will provide a report to FIFA, and will use all the legal documents and possibilities part of our report to FIFA to obtain compensation for all sporting and financial losses we have incurred.”


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