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Iran: Urmia Lake will die no more


One of the officials in charge of the restoration of Urmia Lake in western Iran has said the surface area of the lake will be 4200-4400 square kilometers based on the world ecological index. He added that the remaining areas of the lake which are not under water will be covered with mulch and shrub plantations in order to contain dust particles.

Mogherini not attending US anti-Iran summit


An EU spokesperson has pointed to the compact agenda of Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, saying she will probably be unable to fit the anti-Iran summit in Poland in her work schedule.

Why is Afghanistan concerned about Iran’s talks with Taliban?


An expert of Afghan affairs believes: “Prior to Iran’s talks with the Taliban, the government of Afghanistan had embarked on Afghan-to-Afghan talks with the Taliban. However, Kabul’s harsh position against Tehran has been taken from an angle of inactiveness on their part as a reaction to Iran’s initiative.”

Polish summit a US message to Tehran


The US Secretary of State has announced an anti-Iranian summit hosted by Poland on 13-14 February. According to Pompeo tens of Asian, European, and African foreign ministers will be attending the summit. Iran has criticized Poland for hosting the summit. At the same time, the German foreign minister has announced that the SPV mechanism will come into effect in the weeks to follow. Is the US trying to influence the SPV mechanism for Iran by staging this summit?

Boeing 707 plane crashes in Iran


A Being 707 cargo plane crashed near the city of Karaj in Alborz Province, northwest of Tehran, at 08h30 hours local time Monday morning.

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Trump efforts to split EU over Iran


It's Warsaw and Washington against the big EU powers, as U.S. President Donald Trump's administration pushes to kill the Iran nuclear deal — and to exploit European divisions on foreign policy in the process.

EU states boycott US-Poland Iran summit


A US effort to build pressure against Iran’s influence in the Middle East is facing a setback after ministers from several European Union members opted out of the summit organised by Washington in Poland.

US likely to give more Iran sanctions waiver


The United States is likely to extend waivers from sanctions on Iranian oil imports in May but will reduce the number of countries receiving them to placate top buyers China and India and to decrease the chance of higher oil prices, analysts said.

Iran-Slovania trade grows by 23%


Iranian Ambassador to Ljubljana, Kazemi Shafei, said on Friday that the value of trade transactions between Iran and Slovenia had a 23% increase in the 9-month period of last year.

Zarif takes on "10Year Challenge"


Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif has taken on the popular social media meme ‘#10YearChallenge’ on Twitter by posting two pictures about the US national security adviser’s never-changing penchant for striking Iran.