Romanian couple show world to little daughter

Romanian couple show world to little daughter
ID : N-995 Date : 2018/01/07 - 18:27

(Persia Digest) – A Romanian couple have traveled 26 thousand kilometers on a motorbike to show the world to their little 6-year old daughter. They have now crossed Iran in their travels.

The family set out on their motorbike for Mongolia from Romania and have now crossed Iran by visiting the famous, ancient Tabriz bazaar and taking keepsake photos with their little girl.

A few years earlier, a French-Romanian couple also chose Iran as their honeymoon destination and made the documentary “Iran is great” during their 5-month stay in Iran. The documentary is 60 minutes long, telling the story of a French woman who travels to Iran with her husband who is originally from Romania. The man used to live in Iran and has had interesting experiences here. They have a myriad of different experiences in Iran and tell the tale in their documentary.


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