Rouhani and Macron hold telephone conversation

Rouhani and Macron hold telephone conversation
ID : N-965 Date : 2018/01/03 - 10:47

(Persia Digest) – President Hassan Rouhani called President Macron of France Tuesday evening to wish the government and people of France a Happy New Year. He expressed hope that the good relations between the two countries will persevere and deepen in 2018.

He reiterated that the policies of the IR of Iran are based on peaceful interactions and stability in the region, and added: “Our presence in Iraq and Syria was by the official invitation of their respective governments to combat terrorism. Today, it is clear to everyone that the efforts of Iran culminated in the destruction of Daesh and terrorism in the region.

Rouhani reminded that the IR of Iran had remained committed to its responsibilities in the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement with world powers and its cooperation with the IAEA, and stated: “The JCPOA is an international agreement in favor of all signatories and we all must remain committed to it.”

He went on to say: “As long as the other parties respect the JCPOA and we feel we are benefitting from it we will remain committed to it.”

Rouhani pointed out that Iran’s missile program is a deterrent and defensive. He said it does not violate any international resolutions, and stressed: “Our missile program is designed to defend our country. We will never hesitate to follow our policy of defending our country.”

Iran’s President said that, today, democracy prevails in Iran, a good example of which was displayed for the world to see during the last elections when large numbers of people came to the polling stations. He added: “Promoting violence is not connected to legitimate freedoms and demands in any respect. No country will neglect the security of its people.”

During the telephone conversation, French President Emanuel Macron also reiterated that France remains committed to the JCPOA and considers the agreement to be in favor of peace and international stability. He also emphasized the need to continue peace talks in the region and putting an end to wars in the Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.

As reported by Reuters from the French President’s office, Macron also expressed his concerns about the number of people killed over the past six days of the recent unrests in Iran and said freedom of speech and peaceful protests must be respected.

Iranian television also reported that in their conversation, Rouhani has told Emmanuel Macron: “We criticize the presence of a terrorist Iranian group based in France who take action against the people of Iran and we wait for the French government to take action against them.”

According to reports by the official IRNA News Agency, the French President has said: “We never accept the rationale that sees Iran as the axis of evil in the region, raising tensions in this part of the world.”

As reported by IRNA, Macron has said that we do not deny the role of the Quds Force in destroying Daesh and we appreciate this presence. He recapitulated that peace talks must continue to formulate a road map for stabilizing the region and helping to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The two sides also agreed to choose a different date for the visit to Iran by the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.


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