Rouhani and Zarif in Ankara

Rouhani and Zarif in Ankara
ID : N-1539 Date : 2018/04/04 - 12:06

(Persia Digest) – Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, landed in Ankara last night at the head of a delegation for trilateral talks on Syria.

Iran’s top diplomat, Javad Zarif, had arrived in Ankara earlier heading a separate delegation.

The trilateral talks between Iran, Russia, and Turkey on Syria will be held on the three levels of senior experts, foreign ministers, and presidents over two days in the capital Ankara.

This will be the second round of trilateral talks following Astrakhan and the Sochi meeting to discuss cooperation on resolving the Syrian crisis. Al Mayadeen reports that the amendment of the Syrian Constitution is a top priority at the talks.

President Rouhani will also be holding bilateral meetings with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, to discuss ties and regional and international cooperation.


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