Rouhani inaugurates briquetted iron factory

Rouhani inaugurates briquetted iron factory
ID : N-1381 Date : 2018/03/01 - 11:52

(Persia Digest) – Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has inaugurated the country’s first hot briquetted iron factory (HBI) at the “Saba Foulad” steel complex.

Sponge iron briquettes are a product of direct reduction of iron ore to iron by reducing gas or elementary carbon produced from natural gas or coal. The pellet shapes are spongy in appearance, hence the naming of the product.

Sponge iron is a high grade iron. It is more widely used presently due to a shortage of scrap iron, rising prices, and environmental issues.

This is a new technology in Iran. The factory has been established with the investment of the National Pension Fund Holding to the tune of 1000BN tomans. It employs 400 people directly, and an estimated 1000 people indirectly.


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