Rouhani speaks at the UN

Rouhani speaks at the UN
ID : N-346 Date : 2017/09/21 - 13:09

(Persia digest)- President Rouhani spoke before the UN General Assembly on 20 September 2017, once again reiterating that Iran will not be the first country to leave the JCPOA nuclear deal, calling President Trump’s words “ignorant, absurd, and baseless”. He said Iran is not seeking to export its revolution by force and spoke of the country’s great history, its culture, scientists, and poets who had managed to conquer hearts with their pens. He reminded the world that Iran was no one’s enemy and Persians had helped the Jewish community fleeing Babylon.

He also pointed out that the deal was not just with the US, but that it was also an agreement between Iran and the EU. He said the deal meant that Iran was ready to engage with the world and Mr Trump was engaged in destabilizing the world with his rhetoric and calling JCPOA ‘the worse deal ever’, and ‘an embarrassment to the US.’

Rouhani also reiterated that US threats to pull out of the deal will receive ‘a decisive and resolute response’ Iran. He spoke of the invasion of Iran by Iraq and announced before the UN General Assembly that Iran’s missile program was a defensive one and not a threat to the world.


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