“Sa’di and Petrarch” forum in Iran and Italy

“Sa’di and Petrarch” forum in Iran and Italy
ID : N-857 Date : 2017/12/17 - 20:33

(Persia Digest) - A forum entitled “Sa’di and Petrarch” will be held in Tehran, Shiraz, Rome, and Bologna next year.

Sa’di Day is celebrated on 21 April 2018 in Shiraz. A second day of acknowledgment for this renowned 13th century poet will also take place mid-September at the Sapienza University of Rome and Bologna University.

As reported by ISNA News Agency, the cultural and international deputy of “Shahr-e Ketab” book city, Ali-Asghar Mohammad Khani, announced the news and said: “The “Sa’di and Petrarch” forum will take place on 18-19 April 2018 with the presence of researches on Sa’di and Petrarch from Iran and Italy at the “Shahr-e Ketab Cultural Center”. Sa’di Day will be celebrated on 21 April 2018 in Shiraz, and in Sapienza University of Rome and Bologna University in mid-September.

Forums were held in previous years on “Sa’di and Pushkin”, “Sa’di and Yunus Emre”, “Sa’di and Cervantes”, “Sa’di and Moanbi”, “Sa’di and Confucius”, and “Sa’di and Victor Hugo” in Iran, Russia, Turkey, Spain, China, and France. The present forum is organized by Shahr-e Ketab Cultural Center, the Sa’di Studies Center, the cultural section of the Iranian Embassy in Italy, Sapienza University of Rome, and Bologna University.

Mohammad Khani said: “Sa’di and Petrarch are two lyrical poets in Persian and Italian. The sonnets of Sa’di in the ghazal genre portray the height of human love and mysticism. The great Italian poet of the renaissance was also an early humanist who impacted literary scholars such as Bukachi, Chaucer, and Shakespeare.


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