Saddam family traced in Iran protests

Saddam family traced in Iran protests
ID : N-989 Date : 2018/01/07 - 10:06

(Persia Digest) – The Secretary of the Expediency Council of Iran has said: “Recent protests in Iran were the results of collusions with the enemies of the regime through a project called “The successful convergence strategy” to topple the regime by February, as they claimed.”

Mohsen Rezaei added: “The recent unrests happened against the backdrop of two prior instances. A few months ago, an operation room was set up in Irbil, northern Iraq, under the direction of Michael D'Andrea, an officer of the Central Intelligence Agency, recently appointed to head the Agency's Iran Mission Center. Saddam’s son and son-in-law were also present here, together with representatives from Saudi Arabia and the People’s Mojahedin terrorist group. There is also talk of a representative from the UAE in the operations which we are pursuing.”

He continued: “They set the date for their operations for December and began their work through the internet, hoping to topple the regime in Iran by February. They called it “The successful convergence strategy”. Coordination was made and they believed they would begin by taking the control of large cities out of the hands of the Iranian regime. Subsequently, they intended to bring arms into the country and kill people to instigate more sanctions against Iran under the pretext. The People’s Mojahedin terrorist group would have then entered the country to disrupt our security by calling on European and other countries for help.”

Rezaei reminded: “Of course, the planning began over two years ago, from the time Iraq’s Security Officer attended the terrorist group’s meetings in Paris, joined by the monarchists. Their interpretation was that people were tired of the system and wanted to overthrow it. They wanted to ride on a wave that was centered around the monarchists, Mujahedin, and the Americans to destroy the IR of Iran, or place under pressure through sanctions at the very least.”

As reported by Persia Digest, protests in Iran began on Thursday 28 December 2017 in Mashhad and spread quickly to other cities. Currently in its eleventh day, the situation is now calmer in the larger cities, including the capital Tehran.


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