Sale of Sukhoi planes to Iran canceled

Sale of Sukhoi planes to Iran canceled
ID : N-3861 Date : 2018/12/31 - 14:49

(Persia Digest) – Secretary of the Association of Iranian Airlines has stated that the US Department of Treasury has not issued permits to buy Sukhoi planes from Russia, adding: “Iran Air Tours has signed an MoU for the purchase of 20 Sukhoi airplanes and a domestic airline has also signed a draft agreement for the rental of three Sukhoi planes. But OFAC has not issued any permits and the sale has been canceled.”

Massoud As’adi Samani continued: “Sukhoi had announced that it will replace some American spare parts used in these planes to eliminate the requirement for OFAC permits for Iran sales. But it was unable to do so as it may perhaps take time.”

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The Secretary of the Association of Iranian Airlines stated that circumventing the new sanctions is more difficult than the previous time, adding: “Despite the difficult situation created for Iran’s aviation industry, every airline has made plans to purchase second-hand, but nearly new planes.”

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As’adi Samani also reiterated: “Certain countries have denied fuel to Iran’s fleet, but we will not allow them to upset our flight schedules.”

He said: “We have been able to circumvent fuel sanctions in certain airports, but news of planes carrying surplus fuel are not correct and essentially im Surplus fuel possible.”

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