Sanchi crew last photos

Sanchi crew last photos
ID : N-1055 Date : 2018/01/15 - 12:03

(Persia Digest) – On 6 January 2018, a Chinese cargo ship collided with the Iranian oil tanker “Sanchi” which went up in flames, killing all 32 crew on board (30 Iranians and 2 Bangladeshis). Three of the bodies have been recovered over the last few days. Yesterday, it was announced that the remaining 29 personnel are still missing, feared dead.

Sanchi’s Captain, Majid Ghasabi, was from the town of Pasargad. He lost his life on board the tanker and this photo is the last one of him with his daughter.

Among the crew were also an Iranian couple who had been married for only three years. Second Officer, Hossein Jahani-Helabadi, and his spouse, Saghi Fa’al, were the only couple working on board the ship. They are also among the victims. This is a last photo of them on the Sanchi deck.

Also on board were three students from the Islamic Azad University. This is the last selfie they took next to Milad Tower in Tehran before being shipped on Sanchi.

Third Officer Milad Enayati is seen in this photo with his small child.

Elia Mohtashami, the spouse of Chief Engineer Farid Mohebbi, left the Sanchi on its last mission to visit a dentist due to a toothache. She never saw her husband again. After the accident, and before the loss of all 32 crew members was officially announced, she said in an interview: “I wish I had never left the Sanchi.”


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