Sanctions prevent the return of Achaemenid tablets

Sanctions prevent the return of Achaemenid tablets
ID : N-2612 Date : 2018/08/09 - 11:06

(Persia Digest) – Over eight decades have passed since the seizure of Achaemenid tablets by the United States. Although the courts have ruled in favour of Iran and it was hoped that these would be returned to their home, it seems the return of the sanctions is preventing the return of these cherished artefacts back to where they belong.

Persia Digest reports that a significant part of the tablets which were discovered in Iran 80 years ago by archaeologists and taken to Chigaco University on loan for studies were never returned to Iran. These are in fact important documents from the Achaemenid period and how the government ran the country at the time.

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In February 2017, the Head of the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran announced a ruling in favour of Iran by the US Supreme Court, saying: “The tablets will not be confiscated and steps will be taken to return them to Iran following the ruling.”

But with the reimposition of the unilateral US sanctions against Iran, it is feared that the Achaemenid tablets belonging to it will continue to remain in US possession.

Ali-Asghar Munesan told IRNA: “We have obtained a ruling to return these tablets home and the legal process must take place despite the unilateral sanctions.”

Mohammad-Hossein Talebian, Deputy of the Cultural Heritage Organization, also announced that measures to return the tablets home are ongoing and said the US Treasury must issue the permit for their release. He added that an email has been received from the Treasury informing Iran that the red tape will be completed within the next few months.

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