Seljuk mosque rises from the ground

Seljuk mosque rises from the ground
ID : N-601 Date : 2017/11/06 - 18:10

(Persia Digest) – A mosque belonging to the Seljuk period has been unearthed in the historic 2nd-century HS city of Karaj Abudolaf. A significant number of relics were discovered here, including oil-burners, jugs, and large pots.

The mosque was discovered during repair works to the water and sewerage system of the city last month, when a Seljuk seven-alloy metal container and flanges used in piping were found here.  A number of earthenware and metal objects were also unearthed.

Other priceless finds in this site include a gypsum inscription in Kufic writing, a rare turquoise-colored altar tile, and a number of golden Seljuk tiles. All these objects were used in the mosque.

Construction and drilling operations will be carried out with further consideration by hand, without the use of heavy drilling machinery to prevent damage to the old fabric of the ancient city.

Today, Karaj Abudolaf is known as Astaneh; it is an ancient city in western Iran. The oldest mentions of the city in historic documents date back to 68 HS, when a group of Khawarij revolted and killed a number Iraq Ajami – Persian Irak – and continued their massacre in Karaj.


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