Sound Museum inaugurated in Tabriz

Sound Museum inaugurated in Tabriz
ID : N-892 Date : 2017/12/24 - 11:20

(Persia Digest) – To celebrate the Tabriz naming of the Tourism Capital of Islamic Countries in 2018, the first Sound Museum has opened in the city by the private sector.

As reported by ILNA News Agency, over 300 sound equipment used over the past three decades have been collected and displayed here by Hossein Sajedi, researcher, author, and musician. A collection of bowed and plucked string instruments, percussion and wind instruments, and keyboards used in the traditional Persian music, folk music, fusion music of the ethnic groups of Iran and musicians from overseas have been showcased here.

Hossein Sajedi said: “The Museum archives also keep the sounds of the call to prayers, a collection from the readers of the Quran, “Ta’zieh” passion play, “Chavosh khani” martial music, “Pardeh khanan” Dervish themes painted on a backdrop of curtains, “Manaqeb khani” and “Shabih khani” religious singing, and traditional vocalists such as Eghbal and Seyed Ahmad Khan, and other priceless musical works. These can be used by researchers and scholars of the field.”

He went on to say that other sound artifacts, such as door knockers used in old houses, government buildings and caravanserais, and bells from the Safavid era to date are also kept alongside radios, gramophones, phonographs, records, vintage radios, slide projectors, black and white TV sets, recorders, film projectors, etc, will also be displayed at the Museum.

Hossein Sajedi is a musician and researcher, and author of the books “Ta’amoli dar Ghalamro-e Musiqi” Reflection in the realm of music, and “Ham Avazan” co-singers. He was born in Tabriz in 1962.


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