Supreme Leader statement on Iran recent events

Supreme Leader statement on Iran recent events
ID : N-1018 Date : 2018/01/09 - 16:11

(Persia Digest) – By praising the great movement of the Iranian people in recent days, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, analyzed the dimensions and different layers of conspiracy by the enemies of the state to take advantage of the rightful demands of people.

He said: “From 30 December 2017, when this anarchy and mischief-making began, the Iranian nation initiated their own movement in various parts of our country, and when they saw that the enemy’s mercenaries would not cease their mischiefs, they (the Iranian nation) continued their own demonstrations, repeatedly and day after day.”

Ayatollah Khamenei in describing the continuous movement of the Iranian nation said: “This battle is “nation against anti-nation”, it is the battle of “Islam against anti-Islam” and this will continue.”

He considered the “Islamic Revolution” as the root of all the hostilities and conspiracies against the Iranian nation, because the Islamic Revolution uprooted the political presence of the enemy in Iran.

He referred to billions of dollars spent by the enemies to build networks and train mercenaries among those who wished ill for the Iranian nation and to create problems in our country, adding: “All these efforts were made so that they can divert and change the pattern of thoughts of our nation particularly the youth; however, its result was the martyrdom of our dear martyr Hojaji and other martyrs who placed themselves as shields defending the Revolution.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution, by referring to different analyses stated and written in recent days regarding the current events in Iran, said: “All these analyses had one shared accurate point and it is this, that we should differentiate between the honest and rightful demands of our people and the violent and destructive acts of a particular group, and we should follow up the demands and needs of our people.” 

He added: “Protests or people’s demands always existed and do exist now and no one denies or opposes them. We must listen to them, heed them, attend to them, and respond to them within our capacities.”

His holiness, the Ayatollah Khamenei in explaining the dimensions of recent events said: “The evidence and information demonstrate that these events were organized and in its formation, a triangle was active.”

He added: “The US and Zionists were one vertex of this triangle who spent months designing the events to start in small towns and spread to the capital.”

The Supreme Leader continued: “The second vertex is a rich Persian Gulf state who funded the plans, and the third vertex comprises the lackeys of the MKO terrorist organization who had been in waiting for months.”

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out to the slogans and reminded: “The slogan “no to rising prices” was heard and taken up by groups of people. But they parted ways when they realized that these were changing.”

He said the recent vociferations of the US officials were the result of intense anger and failures, and continued: “They say the Iranian government fears its own people! No. The Iranian government was born out of the people and the Islamic regime has stood up to you for forty years with their support.”

The Supreme Leader added: “They say the Iranian government fears US power. We say if we feared you, how did we throw you out of Iran in the 80s, and out of the region in the 90s.”

Addressing the US administration, the Supreme Leader emphasized on three fundamental points: “1) You fell at the first hurdle during the recent events and you will fail again in the future if you try again. 2) You inflicted pain and damages on Iran and this will not remain unpunished. 3) This person, declared unbalanced by the Americans themselves, must understand that these reckless exhibits will not go unanswered.


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