Syrian FM: Iran’s presence in Syria is legal

Syrian FM: Iran’s presence in Syria is legal
ID : N-1889 Date : 2018/06/02 - 20:10

(Persia Digest) – Answering a question about allegations that Iran has military bases in his country, the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mu'alem said: “Iran has come here at the invitation of the Syrian government and its presence is perfectly legal. What we hear about Iranian forces and bases in Syria are Israeli inventions and completely false. There are advisors from Iran in Syria and some have been martyred here. They are fighting along Syrian forces. We thank Iran’s leaders and its people who stood by Syria from the very beginning in its fight against terrorism.”

Walid Mu'alem stressed: “Unlike the unlawful US and Turkish presence in Syria, Iran’s presence is perfectly legal.”

The Syrian FM commented on the issues in the south and remarks by Russia: “Russia is a Syrian ally. US forces must leave Syria. While they are still in Al-Tanf, do not believe anything you hear about a settlement in the south. As I have said before, Iran has advisors in Syria, not bases. The President has also confirmed this in his latest talks.”

He added: “Let me be clear, it is Israel who has brought up the topic of Iran in southern Syria. This is how Israel operates [Golan Heights]. An agreement was signed in 1974 which Israel violated through the protection and consolidation of terrorist groups. It was seeking to create a safe belt for itself through them. But it failed and now it intends to achieve this by raising the topic of Iran’s presence in Syria.”

Persia Digest reports that certain media have recently reported that Israel and Russia have reached an agreement to force Iran out of Syria. Israel describes Iran as a threat to its security.

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