Tabriz 2018 event begins in 2018

Tabriz 2018 event begins in 2018
ID : N-985 Date : 2018/01/06 - 13:37

(Persia Digest) - With the beginning of 2018, the international Tabriz 2018 event began unofficially on January 4. The official ceremonies will begin on 23March 2018.

Tabriz 2018 is a historical and international event taking place in the tourism sector of Iran. At the beginning of 2018, on the evening of Thursday January 4th, the bells tolled and announced its beginning with the attendance of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the director of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, in the ‘City of the Firsts” (epithet of the city of Tabriz).

The organizers of this cultural event have prepared many festive and enlivening programs, such as concerts, music, plays and folklore songs and Azerbaijani dance. They are looking forward to receiving and entertaining foreign guests and tourists.

Abbas Salehi, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance considers the selection of Tabriz as the capital of tourism of Islamic countries was due to the longstanding cultural, historical and literary symbols of Tabriz, and added: “In 2018, Tabriz will be the symbol of artistic and cultural diplomacy and will be introduced to the world as representing Iran. Iranian culture and identity have been conveyed from this region to the Asia Minor region and other different countries in the world.

In this program, Mas`ud Pezeshkian, Deputy Speaker of Iran’s Islamic Parliament by stating that Rab'-e Rashidi University (school and workshop constructed in the 14th century AD in the city of Tabriz) was sending its scholars as emissaries to the rest of the world 650 years ago, added: “We should learn from the managerial model of Rab'-e Rashidi for our present management.”

Mas`ud Pezeshkian continued by saying that Tabriz 2018 tourism event is a start-up to develop tourism, also stated: “Although in theory, Tabriz being the capital of tourism in the world of Islam is an accepted fact, however, in practice it should become the capital of tourism for Islamic countries and Muslims.”

Ali Asghar Munesan, director of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, said: “Tourism is a shortcut for the development of our country” and added: “In the 2025 vision, we should have 20 million tourists annually with a tourism revenue of 25 Billion Dollars. The tourism industry is the third economy in the world for generating revenues and continues its path with speed.”   


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