Tehran after the unrests (photos)

Tehran after the unrests  (photos)

(Persia Digest) – Following two nights of unrests in Tehran, the situation has returned to normal and the police and security forces are back in control.

The protests, declared illegal by the government, were on occasion accompanied by slogans against its high-ranking officials. But calm has returned to the country from Tuesday night. Car and pedestrian traffic in some parts of the capital, including between Ferdowsi and Revolution squares, was restored with the presence of the security forces.

Unrest began on Saturday afternoon this week and demonstrations were held to protest rising food and fuel prices in cities such Mashhad, Tehran, and some other provincial capitals. Small groups of people among the protestors attacked government centers, banks, and destroyed public prooperty. Calm has been returning to the cities of Iran following the turmoil and destruction.


Photo: Fars News Agency


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