The ‘Breath’ at the Oscars

The ‘Breath’ at the Oscars
ID : N-339 Date : 2017/09/20 - 12:17

(Persia digest)-  ‘Breath’, directed by Narguess Abyar, goes to the Academy Awards as the Best Foreign Language Film from Iran. The feature film was chosen among three other ones, namely ‘Malaria’, ‘Rag-e Khab’, and ‘Vilayi Ha’.

This is a good choice of film, but there were also a number of other movies in the Iranian cinema worth choosing for the Oscars. The ‘Breath’ is about a little girl who spends her childhood years in the Iranian Revolution followed by the Iran-Iraq war. Her little world is filled with colors and happiness, at the same time as insults and humiliations, revolutionary slogans, and the sound of bullets and bombs. Eventually, one of these bombs hits her home on a sunny day and silences her energetic, euphoric little being forever while she is moving to and fro on a swing in her porch.

The film in fact disapproves of war and endeavors to portray a realistic view of it. It is a rather nostalgic movie for those who remember the 80s and is an honest narrative of all the hardships befalling on the people, and especially the children of Iran, in those days.

Two Best Foreign Language Films and one Best Original Screenplay from Iran had previously been nominated for the Academy Awards on different occasions. The two Best Foreign Language Films bagged the Oscars, leaving behind a brilliant track for Iranian cinema.


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