The color of Persepolis

The color of Persepolis
ID : N-931 Date : 2018/01/05 - 10:40

(Persia Digest) – An archaeologist has named six main colors that were used in Persepolis, and said: “For instance, the color red was used in the back of the teeth of lions and bulls’ column capitals.”

As witnessed by tourists, the color of some sculptures in Persepolis, including the red in the back of the teeth, are fading away with the passage of time. Mohammad-Taghi Ata’ei, member of Parse-Pasargadae Research Foundation, says: “During the flourishing years of Persepolis, the mouth and tongues of these lion heads were all in red. This is still visible to a certain extent.”

The archaeologist reiterated: “We have pieces of the lions’ mouth where the color red is seen in all of them. This is a mineral. There are also other colors, such as lazurite, black, yellow, and blue.”

He explained about the most used color in Persepolis: “French traveler, Charles Chardin, says: ‘when I saw Persepolis, there were still gold remains in the pins.’ But, we have not found anything today. The pins used in the tomb of Darius the Great in Naghsh-e Rostam are filled with lazurite.”

The archaeologist added: “We do not know which one was the dominant color used here; but we do know that five to six colors were used.”


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