The red planet of Damghan (photos)

The red planet of Damghan   (photos)

(Persia Digest) – The hills of Damghan, in Iran’s north central Semnan Province, have come to be known as the Martial hills. Situated to the south of the city, experts in the field consider this the Earth’s most similar place to Mars and an appropriate spot to conduct simulated missions to Mars.

These Martian hills are close to Rashm village, 130kms south of Damghan. They have been noticed in recent years due to their amazing similarity to the Martian landscape; the construction of a Mars exploration camp here is being considered.

Russian astronaut, Aleksandr Lazutkin, traveled here last year with a delegation of six people to scrutinize the area and assessed it as one of the most suitable places on the planet for a simulated Mars exploration camp.

The geological structure of the region is said to have formed its particular topography. Rainfall and other environmental factors create constant change in the landscape every one to two years, presenting new natural tunnels, passages, and peaks and troughs for the delights of the visitors.


Photos: Matin Ghassemi/Borna


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