Trump’s neighbor living in Iran

Trump’s neighbor living in Iran
ID : N-3738 Date : 2018/12/17 - 14:29

(Persia Digest) – Louis Kiel, from Arkansas, US, once lived in a town where a number of the US presidents also lived including the Bushes (father and son), Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. She was surprised when she heard that Trump became President of the United States as she had heard that he was a shoe-shiner, a paperboy and a dancer in nightclubs.

According to a report by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Louis has been living in Iran for many years. She speaks Persian well but with an English accent. During her early college years, when she was 19, she meets an Iranian man from Sanandaj (western Iran), converts to Islam and marries her man.

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She quits university and comes to Iran with her husband when she was pregnant with her daughter. As for her converting to Islam, she says: “I was a Christian and I knew that Jesus (PBUH) had said that there would come a man after him who is called Muhammad (PBUH) and the divine religions will be completed with him. I studied the Bible and Holy Quran and I believed in the truth of Islam.”

Louis believes that the Iranian lifestyle is better than the Western lifestyle. “Life is not peaceful in America. The youth carry guns and there are alcoholic drinks everywhere. I disliked America from the very beginning and that was why I undoubtedly accepted to come to Iran immediately after my husband asked me to.”

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Now Louis is 76 years old. She lost her husband seven years ago but she is not alone. The family of her brother-in-law are kindly taking care of her.

This lady of American origin, who was born from a German father and an American mother, has felt the sweet taste of having a family in Iran and was warmly welcomed and treated by her in-laws.

Louis rejects reports saying that she was a classmate of the US president (Trump) but says: “I only know that he used to live in the same neighborhood that I was born in.” She was surprised when she heard that Trump has become the US president as she had heard earlier that he was a shoe-shiner, a paperboy and a dancer in nightclubs.

“I asked myself how did this guy become president?”

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