Turkey: We will continue trade with Iran

 Turkey: We will continue trade with Iran
ID : N-2615 Date : 2018/08/09 - 12:00

(Persia Digest) – The Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources has responded to reimposed US sanctions against Iran by saying: “Trade with Tehran will continue. Sanctions by Washington against Iran are unilateral.”

Minister Fatih Donmez stressed that the energy trade between Ankara and Tehran is according to international law, and said: “We will continue our trade with Iran based on our agreements.”

He reiterated: “Turkey buys 9.5BN cubic metres of natural gas from Iran annually. We do not intend to leave our people without gas and electricity. Therefore, we will continue our trade with Iran based on our mutual agreements.”

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He added: “Guaranteed energy supplies are vital. We go back a long time in oil and natural gas trade with Iran. The two countries have long-term agreements which will continue until 2026.”

Fatih Donmez continued by saying: “US sanctions against Iran are unilateral. Even the EU is unhappy about this. Our trade is legal. Energy supply is also vital. We are neighbors and have been trading for decades. This is how we assess the situation.”

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