Turkish Airways crashes in Iran

Turkish Airways crashes in Iran
ID : N-1450 Date : 2018/03/11 - 20:21

(Persia Digest) – A Turkish Airways plane has crashed in Iran near Shahr-e Kord, capital of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province. The plane was flying in Iranian airspace from Sharjah in the UAE to Istanbul.

The plane went off radar when it hit the mountains as it was flying over Kiar town, near Shahr-e Kord. An engine catching fire has been named as the cause of the crash. Locals witnessed the plane as it was spiraling down. Sources say the burning wreckage is still visible to the naked eye.

The head of the Emergency Medical Services of Iran announced that five ambulances had been dispatched to the area, but accessing the area is difficult due to the rugged terrain and a large river.

The private business jet TC-TRB belonged to Başaran Holding in Istanbul. The official Turkish News Agency reports that all elven people aboard, three crew and eight passengers, have lost their lives.


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