Twelve years of insomnia (photos)

Twelve years of insomnia (photos)

(Persia Digest) – A young man of 28 who lives in Temchal village, near Astaneh Ashrafieh in Guilan Province, has been unable to go back to sleep for 12 years after spending a few hours in a coma.

Ebrahim Ataei lives in northern Iran and has suffered from insomnia for the past 12 years. He has turned his misfortune into an opportunity to study and exercise. He has set two records in running.

In 2005, Ebrahim was saved from drowning in Anzali Port by two fishermen. He was transferred to hospital, where he spent five hours in a coma. He has been suffering from insomnia ever since he came to. Two months after his accident, he went to see a neurologist without the knowledge of his family. The specialist diagnosed the reason for his sleepless nights a lack of oxygen reaching the part of his brain that controls sleep and causing damage during his drowning episode. He prescribed exercise, no smoking, no hookah, and no pills.

Ebrahim is the second child and first son of a family of six. He is a reserved young man who did not tell his family about his suffering for two years, leading him to have mental difficulties.

He says he went through difficult times trying to spare his family from his insomnia and began studying with a hand torch at first. He succeeded in completing a physical education course at university with the help of an Iranian sponsor living abroad.

This insomniac young man from Guilan has so far ran the distance between Astaneh Ashrafieh and Karbala in Iraq in 17 days, and the distance between Astaneh Ashrafieh and Imam Khomeini’s mausoleum in Tehran in eight days. He has also run the distance between his home town and Tehran nonstop in 30 hours. Ebrahim, who has given himself the nickname “Runner to God”, likes to use his sleepless life for great achievements. He has already ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in athletics and won gold in the cultural-sports Olympiad of Iran’s Basij Organization.

He is also active in biking, wrestling, and body building. Before his accident, he was also a football player.

It was difficult for him to cope with insomnia at first. He even suffered from depression for a time. But, little by little, he began to spend the nights reading, biking, and doing housework. As of today, he has read 2600 books on sports, filmmaking, and psychology.


Photos: Mohammad Babaei/IRNA News Agency


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