Two ministers impeached in the Iranian Parliament

Two ministers impeached in the Iranian Parliament
ID : N-1471 Date : 2018/03/13 - 17:09

(Persia Digest) - The main agenda of today's (Tuesday, 22 March 2010) session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran was the impeachment of the two ministers of Labor and Roads and Urban Development ousing. During the morning session, MPs reviewed the draft of the impeachment for Ali Rabiei, Iran's Minister of Labor. Those for and against the impeachment stated their reasons and the Minister of Labor defended his position and answered questions by the opposition, following which votes were cast for his ministerial seat in the cabinet. Of the 253 MPs present in the House, 124 people objected to his impeachment, 126 agreed and there were two abstentions and a blank vote.

According to the Rules of the House, if votes opposing the impeachment add up to more than half, the impeachment will not take place. Thus, Ali Rabiei remains the Minister of Labor.

During the afternoon session, votes were cast to impeach the Minister of Roads and Urban Development. Abbas Akhundi also defended his position. He remains in the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. Parliamentarians cast 152 votes against impeachment, 92 in favor and 2 abstained from a total of 246 votes.


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