Two simultaneous but diverse performance artfestivals

Two simultaneous but diverse performance artfestivals
ID : N-1170 Date : 2018/01/29 - 20:14

(Persia Digest) -7th International Festival of “30 Performances, 30Artists, 30 Days”will be held at the end of this year, same as previous years. However, this year, this artistic event will begin atTehran Museum of Contemporary Art, simultaneously with the first International Festival of Radical Performance on Thursday, February 1st with performances from Germany, Spain, Australia, Turkey, the United States, and Mexico.

This is the seventh edition of the festival. Now, after sevenyears, there is hope that this festival will present more satisfactoryperformances and a higher level of quality than in previous years.Theorganizers of this festival sayits purpose istheintroduction ofperformance as an interdisciplinary medium.Although ithas been many years since the introduction of this medium into the world of art,it is still in the initialstages in Iran.

The First International Festival of Radical Performance will be held this yearsimultaneously, focusing on a variety of point of views in the field of performance and interdisciplinary studies that include different sections of alternative performance, performanceart, video performance, and cyber performance.

“This festival is the only Art Performance Festival in Iran, and each year hosts 30 artists from various artistic fields. It is a curatorial festival, the structure of which has been defined from the beginning according to its goals.However,in the International Festival of Radical Performancethe selection of artists is done by calls”, said Amir Rad, the director of New Media Academy.

Germany, Spain, Australia, Turkey, the US and Mexico are among the countries participating in the 7th edition of “30 Performances, 30 Artists, 30 Days.” This festival will be hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran until March 1st, 2018.


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