UK invests Euros 1.8BN in Iran to fight cancer

UK invests Euros 1.8BN in Iran to fight cancer
ID : N-508 Date : 2017/10/24 - 14:27

(Persia Digest) – Iran and the UK have signed an MoU worth Euros 1.8BN to combat cancer.

The Iranian Ambassador to the UK, Hamid Baeidinejad, has announced the signing of an MoU between the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran and the UK’s IGH International Hospitals Group who are a leading, independent healthcare services company. 

Based on this MoU, 40 cancer centers will be refurbished and 60 other cancer specialist centers will be built in Iran by the UK partner. All of these centers will be supplied with the latest medical equipment and facilities for fighting cancer and will be networking to make an initial diagnosis and refer patients to the appropriate center.

The UK side will fund the project by attracting investment, it will equip the centers and make them operational, transfer skills and knowledge, and train personnel.

The funding for this massive project is estimated at Euros 1.8BN and it will be implemented in three stages due to its special requirements.

The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Health, Iraj Harirchi, said: “We require non-governmental funding in health care and attracting foreign investment is one way of achieving this.”

He went on to say: “Prior to Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement, the JCPOA, the sanctions prevented us from negotiating such projects. Following the agreement, foreign investment has been possible for us. We need this type of funding in various sectors. Fighting cancer is one of these”.


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