UK says to no US demands for Iran sanctions

ID : N-2668 Date : 2018/08/16 - 12:27

(Persia Digest) - KazTag reports that London will not impose sanctions against Tehran, as Washington demanded, reports Izvestiya.

"London remains committed to the nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Nuclear Disarmament Action Plan for Iran - KazTAG). At the same time, we are ready to discuss cooperation with the US administration and the congress concerning Iran's activity, which cause concern for both sides, " said the press service of the British Foreign Ministry following the call of the US Ambassador to support pressure on Iran.

The Foreign Office declared that the United Kingdom will comply with the terms on Iran's nuclear disarmament and intends to protect companies cooperating with Tehran from American sanctions measures.

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Chairman of the temporary commission of the Federation Council for Information Policy and Media Relations Alexey Pushkov called the statement of London a good sign.

"We see that the position of the Western countries does not change. This is a positive sign - the US can not force its allies to join the pressure. But this, unfortunately, does not change anything," he said.

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