USD 10BN revenues for Iran tourism

USD 10BN revenues for Iran tourism
ID : N-1050 Date : 2018/01/14 - 13:18

(Persia Digest) – Vice Chairman of Iran Urban Economics Scientific Association (IUESA) has said: “Although Iran is on Unesco’s top ten countries for tourist attractions, it ranked 93 in the world in 2017 on the tourism competitiveness index.”

Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaei-Mozdabadi added: “Iran’s GDP in the tourism sector amounts to USD 10BN, representing 2.2% of the country’s employment. According to the country’s Vision 2025, we would like to attract 20 million tourists from overseas and generate a revenue of USD 25BN in this sector.”

He stressed: “Unfortunately, the tourism sector in Iran ranks 117th on the list of priorities. A serious determination by decision-makers and policy- makers to boost the industry is lacking here.”

Tabatabaei continued: “Nevertheless, tourism has had the highest growth rate for the sixth year in a row on the global economy, creating jobs for millions of people, boosting their living conditions, and diminishing poverty and hardship.”

He stated that the industry has been able to create sustainable employment, and reminded: “In 2016, tourism grew by over 3% in the DGP and created six million jobs.”

He continued by saying: “Last year, the industry produced 10% of the global GDP and 1% of the world’s overall employment. Service sector exports also amount to 30% in tourism.”


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