USD 80MM exports of animal intestines

USD 80MM exports of animal intestines
ID : N-1735 Date : 2018/05/08 - 15:16

(Persia Digest) – The Union of Iranian Intestine Exporters’ Chief has announced: “80-90 percent of our products are exported to Germany.”

Jamshid Nafar added: “Around USD 80MM worth of cow, sheep, and goat intestines were exported last year. The figure for previous years stands at more or less the same. There is a capacity to increase this by 200-300 percent.”

He said customers included markets such as Italy, Spain, Austria, and Holland: “Intestines are a special product which is exported 100 percent.”

He continued: “Exports usually include the intestines of cows, sheep, goats, and pigs. We are not allowed to deal in pigs’ intestines; but this has a large global market.”

Nafar went on to say: “Iran has an estimated 10 percent share of sheep and goat intestines on the global market. But with problems faced by heavy livestock and the supply of raw materials, the export of casings amounts to only 1 percent here.”

He concluded by naming China, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan as the main actors in this sector.

Persia Digest reports that animal intestines are used to make natural casings for sausages. This is one of the oldest ways of preserving meat. It is also used to make suture thread.


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