Update of terrorist attack in southeastern Iran

Update of terrorist attack in southeastern Iran
ID : N-3641 Date : 2018/12/06 - 12:52

(Persia Digest) – A car packed with explosives drove into the police headquarters in Chabahar, southeastern Iran, this Thursday morning.

The car bomb intended to drive into the police headquarters in Chabahar when it faced resistance by the guards. The driver exploded it outside the building, killing second lieutenant Daryoush Ranjbar and conscript soldier Naser Darzadeh. A number of other people were injured, including women and children who were taken to Imam Ali (AS) hospital in Chabahar. Certain local media sources have reported the number of dead as four.

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Some reports also indicate that the “Ansar Al-Furqan” terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack.

Analysts believe that Chabahar Port has been transformed into an economic hub following sanctions exemptions from the US and large investments made by companies and governments. Terrorists intend to increase investment risks for international projects in Chabahar with bomb attacks.

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