Veiled volleyball player on Belgian team

Veiled volleyball player on Belgian team
ID : N-1072 Date : 2018/01/16 - 19:55

(Persia Digest) – Reports from Belgium give news of a veiled woman player, Farnush Sheikhi, joining the Belgian women’s volleyball league as agreed by the Belgian Volleyball Federation.

La Nouvelle Gazette website wrote: “Farnush Sheikhi, former player of Iran’s national women’s volleyball team, is presently negotiating to join Belgium’s Charleroi Club.

As announced by the Club, everything is ready for Farnush Sheikhi to join Charleroi wearing her hijab and join the competitions this week.

Charleroi Club conducted intensive talks with the Federation to agree to the hijab of their new player and succeeded.

Farnush Sheikhi is the national women's volleyball team player and their best defense.


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