Village of dolls (photos)

Village of dolls  (photos)

(Persia Digest) - The art of doll making transfers the rich culture of countries around the world, and the dolls of the village of Tajmir bear the signs of the rich culture of Sarbisheh in Nehbandan region. During the making of dolls, the valuable native treasure trove of lullabies, poems, and memories of village life led by the nomads is also revealed. Dolls are not made solely for playing, but they create a small version of the local community culture; as dolls also introduce clothes, ornaments, stories and other native customs.

In the village of Tajmir, all the men, women and children work to earn their daily bread, but due to recent droughts, men work only as guardians of the environment, and the women and children make their native dolls in a modern style. These dolls are made using pieces of cloth, fleece, and goat hair and are environmentally friendly; so that if someone buys them and throws them away after a while, they decompose within 3 months.

The dolls each have a story. Elias is a teenager who lives in the village and, with his creative thinking, was able to make stories and tales for these dolls using the old stories of the area, which has made the Tajmiri dolls a blockbuster. Currently, more than 15 families (about 45 women from the village of Tajmir) are producing local dolls. Although the main makers of these dolls are women, other family members are also involved.

Boosting creativity and self-esteem, and increasing life expectancy, in addition to creating jobs and being a source of livelihood, are among the benefits of the production of dolls. The local native dolls of South Khorasan have been registered on the National Heritage List and it is due to be registered by the UNESCO World Heritage List as well.

The village of Tajmir is located near the border of Mahirud, about 90 kms from the border of Afghanistan, in Sarbisheh County, South Khorasan Province.


Photos: Mohsen Nofrasti / Mehr


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