Vote for Iran video in tourism contest

Vote for Iran video in tourism contest
ID : N-191 Date : 2017/08/26 - 11:32

(Persia digest)- The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has organized a competition ahead of its twenty-second general assembly meeting in China to select the best promotion video from among 64 competing member states.

A video from Iran has also been submitted to the competition, entitled ‘Dance of Life’, inviting its audience to visit Iran with the slogan ‘Travel to Iran’.

The video focuses on the element of water and the lesser-known cultures of peoples of Iran. It portrays its natural climates that are different from a drought stricken land registered in the collective mind of the world, and shows the country’s religious diversity to all.

The World Tourism Organization will announce the winning video selected by people at its annual General Assembly in China. Voting will be open until 11 September 2017.

You can see and rate the video here .


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