WWII era ship in Urmia Marine Museum

WWII era ship in Urmia Marine Museum
ID : N-479 Date : 2017/10/19 - 11:28

(Persia Digest) – The oldest ship remaining in Urmia Lake ran aground here in WWII. It had the task of carrying passengers back then and had been left idle by the side of Sharafkhaneh Pier; but no more; it is now planned to be housed at the Urmia Marine Museum.

Even so, the reason why many ships ran aground in Lake Urmia and Kish Island in Iran remains a mystery. A mystery born out of waking up one morning and seeing a large ship stuck in mud without knowing what had happened to it. Once such instance is the Greek Ship run aground on the shores of Kish Island in the Persian Gulf; it has been sitting there for decades to become a tourist attraction of the Island. But, the boat named “Amin” in Urmia is as old as the years of WWII. Its skeleton was raised by the Russians in the days that smelled of war. The ship stood 5 meters tall, 20 meters long, and weighing 5 tons in Sharafkhaneh Pier.

Rivets have been used instead of welding in the construction of this ship which spent years in the service of search and rescue, routine everyday affairs, and giving assistance to other vessels. In later years, it was used not only to transport passengers, but also as a tugboat to pull large, non-motorized hulls carrying passengers, local animals, and cargo. The people of Urmia, especially those in their dotage, still have many memories of this ship.

Today, the Director of Ports and Maritime Organization of Lake Urmia, Issa Besharati, gave the news of the ship being transferred to the city’s Marine Museum in an interview with ISNA News Agency once the Museum has been equipped to take old “Amin”.

Over 80% of the construction work for the museum has already been completed to the tune of Rials 8BN up until the end of the present Iranian calendar year. It is designed to become one of the country’s largest marine museums and home to old marine equipment left behind from World War I and II.


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