Why every Chinese must travel to Iran once?

Why every Chinese must travel to Iran once?
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(Persia Digest) – Iran has taken part in the West China arts and crafts exhibition for the first time, endeavoring to elucidate the preconceptions of the Chinese people about Iranians. Chinese citizens see Iranian culture as very close to the Arab culture and believe that Iranian women do not have the right to drive or study, and must cover their faces on the streets – a totally misled mindset.

The 9th Western China Cultural Industries Expo in Xi'an will run from 7-10 September 2018. Iran is a special guest here for the first time, marketing cultural packages and handicrafts to attract Chinese tourists.

The Iran stance has displays of rug tableaus, rosewater, and saffron, plus 50 photos of tourist attractions in Iran, and Persian books translated into Chinese. The Chinese visitors were greeted with Iranian herbal teas.

The music ensemble dispatched from Iran also has performances every day. The Iranian woman daf player in folk costume attracted more attention here.

Teaching Persian and holding a workshop titled “What do we know about Iran and China?” is also taking place every day at the Iran stance in which questions both sides have on one another are answered and common events between the two countries are discussed.

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Iran’s Tourism Office representative in Shanghai also stated in a group of Chinese visitors that Iran has a rich history. As the visitors have been very interested in finding out more, perhaps they can think about paying Iran a visit. Relations between Iran and China go way back in history and at no time has there been a war between them.

Hossein Khalifi added that the low cost of travel to Iran is very economical and, pointing to public transport in Iran, he added: “There are direct flights between the two countries, facilitating travel for Chinese visitors. They can also travel inside Iran at very low cost.”

He asked the visitors to the Tourism Office to look beyond the usual media reports on troubles in Iran and follow more information on other media about this country.

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