Widening social inequalities lead to social unrest

Widening social inequalities lead to social unrest
ID : N-2101 Date : 2018/06/26 - 16:54

(Persia Digest) - Professor of Economics at the University of Tehran and former Iranian MP, Mohammad Khosh-Chehreh, says: “In the rest of the world, gold and foreign currency are not goods to be bought like they are in Iran. But this government and the one before that took the wrong attitude and turned these into commodities, because they earned currency from the sale of crude oil; they turned its income into commodities to sell at a higher price and earn more rials.”

In an interview with ILNA, Khosh-Chehreh added: “Such foreign currency policies are not good for Iran. An increased rial revenue from gold coins and foreign exchange creates inflation.”

He continued: “Major purchases have been made here, at times reaching tens of thousands of gold coins. This is being bought and sold by a number of limited people. Such a golden opportunity has only been provided due to ignorance, leading to such price rises in this sector.”

He said: “Rising prices have made the rich richer and the poor poorer, creating immense social inequalities.”

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The economist believes: “The looming consequences have aggravated the class gap; this can be a serious security, social, and national challenge leading to protests and social unrest. It can question the system and endanger the prosperous classes.”

He stated that the government has no plans to control the turmoil, and added: “Increasing purchases only show the lack of confidence by the people, and the neglect and shortcomings of the government in this respect.”

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