Will Germany allow Iran transfer of euros 300MM?

Will Germany allow Iran transfer of euros 300MM?
ID : N-2313 Date : 2018/07/10 - 16:51

(Persia Digest) – Spokesperson for German Bundesministerium der Finanzen (BMF) has said that two supervisory organs in his country are currently investigating Iran’s demand to withdraw large amounts of cash from its account in Germany.

According to Persia Digest, the German Bild-Zeitung reported on Monday that Tehran is worried about its accounts being blocked by new US sanctions and is seeking to withdraw its money from the Eihbank.

The US withdrew from the JCPOA Iran nuclear deal and reimposed new sanctions against Iran, warning all companies and countries that they will be subject to secondary sanctions unless they stop all oil imports from Iran as from November.

Iranian authorities have announced to the BaFin, or Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, in Germany that “as Iranians do not have access to credit cards, the government intends to use this money in cash for those who want to travel outside Iran.”

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The Washington Free Bacon has quoted American sources as saying that senior officials in the Trump Administration are exercising pressure on the German Government to halt the money transfer to Iran.

The American Ambassador to Berlin has also asked the German government not to pay the euros 300MM to Iran. In an interview with Bild-Zeitung, Richard Grenell said: “I hope the German government will not transfer Iran’s money to them. We express severe concern about the transfer of Iran’s money to this country.”

It remains to be seen whether the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority will allow this transfer to Iran or not.

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