Winged Iranian man remains in Pasargad

Winged Iranian man remains in Pasargad
ID : N-1010 Date : 2018/01/09 - 11:41

(Persia Digest) - A two and a half meter relief of a winged Iranian human is not going to be moved from the Achaemenid area of Pasargad. His position has been fixed and according to the director of Pasargad World Heritage Base, a complete preservation work in a very principled way is carried out in accordance with international standards.

According to the report by the newspaper South News, in the northwest side of the palace located at the gate of Pasargad a rock relief is seen that shows a winged man with larger than life size in a way that from head to toe it measures two and a half meters and counting his crown, the size reaches 2 meters and 90 centimeters.

The winged human of Pasargad is the only complete relief in this world heritage site and is ascribed to belong to the Achaemenid era.

Hamid Fadaei, Director of Pasargad World Heritage Base, stated that restoration of this work has been completed with the cooperation of Iranian and Italian restorers, the cleaning operations, salvation and restoration of the stone and the ceiling’s design were also all carried out during this restoration operation.

Regarding moving this relief to a museum, he said: “As far as the governing preservation conditions will allow, we have no doubt that this relief will remain in its original location.”

The director of Pasargad World Heritage Base by referring that at present the winged human has a roof installed overhead, stated that there should be no concern with regard to the effect of natural elements such as rain and snow.

Regarding building an enclosure such as one made of glass around the relief, he said: “Building an enclosure made of glass around the winged human is not currently on our agenda.”


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