World Tourism Organization Summit in Iran

World Tourism Organization Summit in Iran
ID : N-3315 Date : 2018/11/04 - 16:22

(Persia Digest) – Despite US sanctions and propaganda led against Iran, the 40th World Tourism Organization Summit (UNWTO) will take place in Iran next week for its members. The Secretary General of the UNWTO - a UN agency – will take part in the summit together with representatives from the US and UK.

Iran’s Tourism Organization Deputy said: “The Secretary General of the UNTWO will be coming to Iran for the first time, which is very significant for ties between Iran and the Organization.”

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He added: “We have tried to show Iran’s positive image to the world. Unfortunately, not enough information has been available on Iranian tourism on an international level to introduce Iranian society. We have not been very active in introducing the attractions of our country and this is a challenge for us on a global level.”

Persia Digest reports that Iran is hosting the UNWTO Summit in Hamedan from 12 to 16 November 2018.

Currently, UNWTO has 557 members from 157 countries, of which Iran’s share is 16 members.

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