“World art masterpieces” go to Europe

“World art masterpieces” go to Europe
ID : N-1042 Date : 2018/01/13 - 13:51

(Persia Digest) - Iranian painter, Farah Ossouli in an interview with Mehr News Agency about the exhibition displaying her works entitled “World Art Masterpieces” said: “The exhibition ‘World Art Masterpieces’ includes 21 paintings the titles of which have been selected based on a poem by the late Forough Farrokhzad (famed contemporary Iranian poetess). The initial sketches of the paintings have also been adapted from the works of famous and recognized painters of the world and I have adapted them into my own style in painting. In fact, I have made a blend of famous paintings in the world with styles from the Middle East and the Orient, so that in some way I could attend to the war and violence that exist in this region.”

She added: “In these works I intended to refer to groups such as Daesh who, in the name of religion and faith, massacre innocent people. We have witnessed that these terroristic groups by misusing religion have committed many heinous crimes in the Middle East and we have also witnessed their terroristic attacks throughout the world; I have tried, to some degree, to attend to them through the language of art and painting.”

This lady artist stated: “The works of Rembrandt, Fragonor (French painter 1732- 1806), Botticelli, Delacroix (French painter in the romanticism style 1798-1863), Louis David (French painter in the neoclassical style 1748-1825) and several other famous painters were adapted into these paintings, because people know and recognize them and when a new concept is added to them it will find a new meaning and approach.”

In conclusion, she said: “The message of these works is in relation with war and violence; I intended to have the art and the tenderness of this kind of protest against massacres resulting from war and homelessness of many people who have lost their home and family.”    


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