Yazd world sustainable city

Yazd world sustainable city
ID : N-1088 Date : 2018/01/18 - 11:15

(Persia Digest) – The World Energy Foundation has named the historic part of Yazd a Sustainable City, because it has been able to become compatible with its harsh environment and make optimum use of energy.

Yazd City Mayor has announced: “The intelligent architecture of Yazd compatible with its nature led to its selection as a Sustainable City in the world.”

Mahdi Jamalinejad stated: “Wind catchers, aqueducts, the use of local building materials, and insulation such as mudbricks and straw mud are the main features of the vernacular architecture of Yazd which play a major role in its sustainability. Other designs, such as central courtyards and flower beds in residential buildings, and the selection of plants with low water use suitable with this arid area all play a part in its sustainability.”

He added: “Yazd and its City Council have endeavored to restore its aqueduct water system, water reservoirs, and wind catchers. This ancient knowledge was revived and turned functional, thus attracting the attention of the World Energy Foundation.

Jamalinejad pointed out to the reputation of Yazd as the city of bicycles, and said: “Another indicator that captured the attention of the World Energy Foundation was the efforts made to promote the use of bicycles, green building, and energy management in buildings.”

The Mayor of Yazd said the city was moving towards expanding its IT infrastructures: “Another important indicator in selecting Yazd as a sustainable city was its IT and ICT approach for urban issues and the development of the infrastructure necessary for an electronic city.”

As reported by Persia Digest, the World Energy Foundation is a well-known international foundation concerned with environmental issues. Every year, it awards real and legal personalities impacting and lowering the use of non-renewable natural resources and reducing pollution nationally and internationally. It has 185-strong member countries.


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